Traditional Funeral Service

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Funeral Guidelines

Our Government has set funeral directors strict public health guidelines in the care of families and the deceased and at Secure Haven Funeral Directors (SHFD) we believe in transparency so that families are aware of the following protocols when dealing with this scenario should it arise.

Prior to arrival at a private residence, Care Home or Hospice all Secure Haven Funeral Director staff will adhere to the following government guidelines; –

1. All SHFD will be required to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to entering any residence.

2. Family members will not be permitted to be in the room whist the deceased is being prepared prior to being taken into our care.

3. Due to government guidelines and to protect your family and our staff, all deceased will be placed in a suitable body bag prior to transportation.

4. Unfortunately, and with regret we will be unable to have any physical contact with family members during this procedure however we will be able to reassure family members verbally.

5. We will advise as to the necessary procedures to be undertaken by family, carers or care home staff to reduce and limit any further contamination once the removal has taken place.

6. Your loved one will be transported directly to Secure haven Funeral Directors where they will always be prior to the funeral.