Direct Cremation Service

From £1,349

Non-Attended Direct Cremation

A direct cremation may be the most suitable funeral option as this allows for families to plan and hold a life celebration at a later date. The simplicity of our low-cost funeral allows many post-cremation options whilst maintaining the respect and dignity that your loved one deserves.

This funeral service involves bringing your loved one into our care and placing them in a wood-effect veneer coffin. We will later transfer them to a crematorium of our choice. For your peace of mind, we shall advise you when your loved one is brought into our care and be rest assured that they will be cared for by us, at our Broomfield funeral home in Chelmsford, until the day of the funeral. We shall advise you of the date, time and location of the cremation.

Our Direct Cremation Service package includes the following:

Traditional Burial Service

Further details about our Direct Cremation Services package:

A doctor’s fee of £82 is not included and will be applied, if necessary.

Please inform us if your loved one is heavier than 17 stone or over 6’6″ in height as we will need to provide extra staff for safe and dignified transfer into our care. An additional fee of £390 will be applied for a specially-ordered coffin and additional bearing staff.

Payment terms –  The full balance is required to be paid 2 working days prior to the funeral taking place.

We offer an attended direct cremation service at a local crematorium for £1,895 which allows up to 12 mourners to have 10 minutes in the chapel with their loved one, with the option of playing two pieces of music.