Many Masons across the country rightfully believe that our secrets and ceremonies are the foundations of Masonic Life.

Over the years, Secure Haven Funeral Directors have had the privilege to arrange and assist the funerals of many local freemasons and our owner Paul Yarwood, a mason himself, decided to help those that wish to plan their own final goodbye.

Talking about your Funeral Wishes with the people you love is difficult, but even a straightforward conversation about your Funeral Wishes can make all the difference for your family when the time comes.

By planning ahead and using Secure Haven’s Guaranteed Masonic Funeral Wish, not only will you save your next-of-kin the stress of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted, but you will also be putting a stamp on your last celebration – ensuring it reflects what is most important to you.

You probably already know whether you want to be buried or cremated, but what about the finer details? Where should it be held? Do you want certain readings or poems and, if so, which ones and read by whom? Is there certain music you want played? Perhaps there is even a specific route you would like your hearse to take. You may even have written your own eulogy or ‘farewell letter’ that you want someone to read.

Family members of masons are often confused as to what can be done to help masons make that final journey and our expertise in arranging this service together with suitable dressing, if required, in your masonic attire can be arranged with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

Despite the fact that many people write their Funeral Wishes down in their will, these are more often than not left unread until after the funeral, so the best way to ensure you get the funeral you want is to make your wishes known to your loved ones for when the time comes.

Secure Haven can bespoke the funeral plans for masons either in a pre-paid plan together with our plan providers, golden Charter, or we can hold your funeral wishes, costed by you, and price guaranteed for 24 months so you can manage your finances yourself. We will contact on each two-year anniversary to see if there are any changes to be made or any price changes to account for should your wishes change.

Options we can provide for a special masonic funeral; –

  1. Personalised dressing and preparation in masonic attire.
  2. Bespoke Masonic cushion to be placed on the coffin.
  3. Masonic themed floral tributes.
  4. Organisation of opening and closing hymns.
  5. Masonic pallbearers wearing regalia.
  6.  Communication with lodge almoners and secretaries during arrangement.
  7. Personalised eulogy and complimentary obituary.
  8. Donation of £100.00 to be given to the Lodge or charity of choice.