Have you considered an indoor mausoleum?


Brightwater Memorial Park is the UK’s first private, indoor mausoleum and it is close by in Orpington, Kent.


The mausoleum is a modern, uplifting alternative to regular cemeteries and crematoria. Inspired by centuries-old traditions, realised in an elegant, contemporary style, this is a place where departed loved ones can be celebrated as well as commemorated.


The memorial park consists of two mausoleum buildings containing 690 chambers with beautiful gardens of remembrance, set within fourteen acres of landscaped grounds and mature woodland.


This is unlike any other resting place in the UK, where you will be completely cared for by the dedicated, family-run team. During your private visits, after your loved one has been interred, you can expect to hear your favourite chosen music being played, with a slideshow of dedicated pictures and memories for you to reflect on, and your preferred snacks and refreshments served. Visits can be as long or short as you wish, and they can even include family and friends for a gathering to spend time with your loved one too.


Are you thinking of purchasing a chamber or niche at Brightwater Memorial Park?


If you are planning for the future, you can incorporate one of the chambers or niches into your arrangements. If you are wanting to be laid to rest alongside other family members, you may even look to buy more than one at a time, so you can be together in time.


There are a variety of options for resting places at Brightwater Memorial Park – a choice of having chambers inside the marble mausoleum, or those overlooking the manicured gardens, or having ashes placed in one of the niches facing onto the beautiful lawns.


A chamber will not be included in the value of your Estate for Inheritance Tax purposes, giving you peace of mind that you are making a wise investment in your future legacy.


What is the price of a burial chamber or ashes niche at the mausoleum?


It is important to remember that you are not only purchasing your right to interment, but you are ensuring that when your family and friends visit in the future, they will have positive visits and be very well cared for. It is incredibly different from resting in or visiting a crematorium or cemetery because of the personal service you will receive.


There are five levels of chambers, level five being the highest in the mausoleum and level one being the closest to the ground. Levels one to three start from £12,800, and levels four and five start from £11,200. The ashes niches start from £2,000 for levels six to ten, and £2,300 for levels one to five.


If you would like more information about this option or if you know you would like to incorporate it into end-of-life planning, please contact us or visit their website.