Bespoke Funeral Service

Useful information to prevent junk mail

Useful information from Martin Lewis on This Morning.

When a loved one dies amongst the difficulty of dealing with both grief and the financial burden of dealing with the funeral arrangements, there is a large administrative task of informing companies to stop sending upsetting mail and phones calls for the deceased.

To help you prevent this UK Finance have launched a death notification service ( which is a one stop shop working with many major banks to prevent you having to notify each one individually. You simply tell them which banks the deceased had accounts with.

Anyone can do this from family members to friends or carers who simply provide an id check carried out by Experian. This doesn’t mark your credit file and unless you choose to open an account you won’t get lots of notifications.

To carry this out you will need:
Deceased Name
Date of Funeral
Death Certificate Reference Number.

Other similar services include the Governments Tell Us Once Service (…/organisations-you-need-to-contact-and-…) which reports death to the DVLA, HM Revenue and Customers and your local council. There is also the free Deceased Preference Service ( and Bereavement Register ( both of which can stop the majority of junk mail arriving.