Useful information to prevent junk mail

Bespoke Funeral Service

Useful information from Martin Lewis on This Morning. When a loved one dies amongst the difficulty of dealing with both grief and the financial burden of dealing with the funeral arrangements, there is a large administrative task of informing companies to stop sending upsetting mail and phones calls for the deceased. To help you prevent […]

Helping people to deal with bereavement

When a friend or relative is dealing with bereavement, we may feel a bit useless, not sure how to act around them or what to do to help them. At times we can get too “positive” in a desire to help them get through this stage in their lives. Or we may avoid them altogether, […]

How to cope with Christmas when you’re grieving

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas. Some of you reading this will be facing your first Christmas alone and wondering how you’re going to cope. Others will be wondering whether they’re going to cope this time. Many people will notice a person shaped hole in their heart many years after the loss. Equally […]