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Heart with Gold Footprints Pendant


This beautiful handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver heart shaped pendant with a trail of gold footprints is unrecognisable as an ash holder. The pendant contains an interior compartment to hold a small amount of ash. The threaded enclosure screws into the pendant allowing it to be kept secure and waterproof. This pendant comes with its own elegant presentation box, interring kit and a silver 18 inch snake chain. Dimensions – 18mm drop, 19mm across, 18″ snake chain.

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Interring Instructions:

  1. To inter the ashes into the jewellery piece – locate the 1.5mm or 2mm threaded grub screw on the rear of the keepsake piece.
  2. Unscrew the grub screw – slowly and carefully with the 1.5mm or 2mm Allen Key provided.
  3. Place the provided funnel into the entry point.
  4. Using a small spoon and the funnel carefully place a token of the remains in the concealed compartment.
  5. Carefully thread the grub screw back on to sit flush to seal the ashes inside.
  6. Do not over tighten the grub screw.