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The Spiritree


Return your loved one to nature in a beautiful Spiritree. The Spiritree offers a poetic life-from-death metaphor as a celebration of the loved ones memory – transforming the funeral path from one of sadness into one of hope – all while promoting environmental restoration and awareness. The Spiritree is a 100% biodegradable cinerary urn that transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree. The two piece container is composed of an organic bottom shell and a chemically inert – weathering ceramic cover. The bottom piece holds the cremated remains within its internal concavity – while the top part protects them from dispersion.

When planting along with The Spiritree – the growing plant gradually feeds itself from the biodegradable bottom shell and the calcium-rich cremated remains. In due time – the protective ceramic cover is broken by the growing tree – which becomes the actual living monument to the loved ones remembrance – be it human, pet or both. Secure Haven are the exclusive UK & European distributor of The Spiritree. Dimensions – 38cm long, 30cm wide, 15cm deep and 4.8 litre capacity.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Designed for ground use to nurture new or existing tree life
  • Transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree
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How to use The Spiritree:

    1. Dig a small hole in the ground and plant the sapling of your choice. Place the fertilizer packet next to the plant. The packet does not need to be opened and will dissolve over time – releasing important nutrients. You could also add some pea gravel to promote plant aeration.
    2. Place the base of The Spiritree on the ground passing the stem through the middle protrusion and spread the ashes around the central protrusion of the organic base.
    3. Place the ceramic cover over the tree sapling and the bottom part of The Spiritree and water adequately as per your tree care instructions. The centre must be covered with soil and watered on regular visits to nurture the new life of the tree.
    4. When the tree trunk becomes large enough it will break the ceramic top.
    5. The Spiritree is designed so that both the ceramic top and the organic bottom will degrade as part of the intended germination process.